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In today’s day and age of advanced and continuously growing social media technology it’s important to stay ahead on how to promote on them. It doesn’t matter what you’re promoting, you can increase your audience reach via social media platforms. Therefore, today we’ll be focusing specifically on promoting on Facebook groups.


Facebook groups are pretty much a community within the Facebook social network platform where only Facebook users can join and participation is encouraged. A Facebook Group can be started by any Facebook user and they are generally focused around common interests, e.g., filmmaker groups, business groups, food groups, etc.


Facebook statistics proclaim they have 2 billion active monthly users and that 1 billion of those users participate in Facebook Groups. With that said you can see why the consensus is that it’s highly recommended to promote on Facebook Groups.

Now that only leaves one question, How To Effectively Promote Your Content On Facebook Groups? We’re glad you asked, and that’s why we’re sharing these insider tips with you:

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1) JOIN A GROUP(S): Pretty obvious, right? But it’s the first thing you must do. As stated, Facebook Groups are generally interest driven. You can find groups of your interest by simply hovering over to the Facebook search bar and typing in your area of interest with “group” at the end of it. Once you find a group(s) of your interest, hit the “join group” button. You’ll either be accepted right away, or will have to wait for a group administrator or member to accept you or you may be prompted to answer some questions by the group before you’re accepted. Either way, Facebook will notify you if you’re accepted or not in you notification tab.


2) ENGAGE IN GROUP WITH COMMENTS AND POST VISUALS: Once you’re accepted to a group you can make a post acknowledging who you are and potentially how you plan to engage with the group. Upon doing so you can go forward and began sharing links, images and/or videos of interest with the group. Be careful not to over do it or run the risk of being a spammer. This can lead to group administrators deleting your post or even banning you from the group. Also, group member can be very feisty and picky about the posts to the group so make your posts relevant to the interests of the group.

3) PROMOTE ON VARIOUS FACEBOOK GROUPS: You want a greater reach, right! Therefore don’t post just to one group. You’ve joined various groups, post to them all. However, here’s the caveat. Facebook would much rather you pay them, Facebook Ads, then for you to get on up on them by individually posting your content to each group you’re a part of. Therefore what they do is, they arbitrarily limit how many groups you can post to in a day. They even, arbitrarily, limit how many posts you can make to a group in a day. You’ll have to do a case study to find out how many groups you can post to in a day before you get the horrid Facebook message splattered on you device’s screen restricting you from making group post temporarily of indefinite: “You’re temporarily restricted from joining and posting to groups that you do not manage until Tuesday at 11:55 AM. If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.”

Facebook (Action blocked)


4) DO A PERSONAL CASE STUDY: Do a case study by posting to a few groups a day, e.g., five and increase it everyday, up to 15-20 to see at what number you get the horrid Facebook restriction message on your device.


5) DON’T JUST PROMOTE OF FACEBOOK GROUPS: It may seem contradictory to How To Promote Effectively On Facebook Groups, but it’s not. For one, if you only promote on Facebook Groups you run the risk of Facebook restricting you temporarily or indefinitely for “spamming.” And if Facebook doesn’t do this, the administrators very well could. Therefore, the solution is to promote across various social media platforms. Your email contacts are a good way to reach an audience as well.



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