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Kerri Lynn Miller is an actress and producer known for her astounding performances in hit shows that include Blue Bloods, Royal Pains, Odd Mom Out, among many others.


Kerri stars and gives an astounding performance in the multi award winning film Etymology, of which she’s a producer as well. In Etymology Kerri plays Catherine, a mother who’s a perfectionist and demands nothing less than perfection from her daughter as well. In the build up to a spelling bee contest the veil of Catherine’s perfect world begins to slip as she becomes ever more obsessed with her daughter championing the contest.


Etymology is a film that brings the alarming issue of parents pressuring their children to success and we’re incredibly honored that Kerri selected our platform to premiere it to the public. In addition, she gave us an exclusive interview where we talked about her performance in Etymology, she shared some advice and talked about her current and future film projects.

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What would you say is the core message of Etymology, specifically for parents raising young children?

I’m not one to give advice, because every situation and family is different. I can only say that I make an active effort to make sure there is a balance between supporting my child and pushing my child. Ultimately, our children just want our love. Therefore making them feel valued just as they are, without any trophies, can go a long way.


What can you tell us about current film/television projects you’re involved in?

I just wrapped an episode of Shades Of Blue on NBC where I got to shoot a high stakes scene with the incredibly talented Jennifer Lopez, JLO. I am in development of my first feature film which I wrote and intend to direct and star in. The film explores the themes of shame and how it affects women specifically. It is a psychological thriller that will keep you guessing till the end. I hope to go into production this winter.



Below is a button link to view Etymology, available here on We encourage you to support independent filmmaking by viewing the film and we’d love to hear your take on it. You can simply comment below or send us your comments via our CONTACT page. Check out Kerri’s IMDB page. It includes her extensive and recognizable television and film appearances.


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