Becoming An Actor, Zair Silva


Becoming An Actor, Zair Silva. In Becoming An Actor, Zair Silva, he dissects the beginning of his acting aspirations, his role in his most recent film, the short film FIRE and he talks about Anawan Street Productions of which he is co-owner.

The Act Of Dreaming

Quite a few people grow up wanting to be actors, but not many actually pursue the journey to become one. We can say that the opposite is true with Zair Silva, one of the lead actors in the award winning short film, Fire. From very young, seven actually, Zair became mesmerized with films. It wasn’t before long that he started to proclaim his ambition to those around him, even as a young boy: “Even though everyone laughed at me I’d say, I want to be an actor when I grow up.”


Zair recalls watching Lethal Weapon 2, starting Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, and how it had a profound impact on him as a young boy wanting to be an actor: “It enabled me to travel far away and get lost in the story and the beautiful intimate, romantic and heartbreaking moments.” However, the actor that he considers most influential to him is Al Pacino: “I’ve watched all of his movies, and what stands out to me is that he uses his entire body as an instrument, and you can feel the raw energy he brings through the screen, especially in his performance in Dog Day Afternoon. He seems bigger than life in almost all his roles, and I think it’s because he never holds back, and that’s a mindset I’m working on to make me a stronger actor.” 


Acting The Dream       

I asked Zair about his role in Fire, where he plays a criminal with a confession that’ll alter the course of his life: “My role in Fire was certainly inspired by Anthony Hopkins’ phenomenal role in The Silence of The Lambs and we are pleased with the positive feedback we’ve received. We’re gathering a team of writers to write a series based on this concept, and we are being patient with this process. Quality is what we’re after, and we feel that patience is the key to this journey. We feel this is an opportunity to excel in this genre and prove that opportunity is what’s missing, not capability.”

In addition to acting, Zair is co-owner of Anawan Street Productions: “It’s a media house that brings forth visuals that provoke and entertain audiences. In todays world, video media is a very powerful tool for influencing communities and people on a global scale. Our mission is to create content that inspires, informs and attracts people to messages that matter.”


And when asked about what’s in store for him as an actor and filmmaker: “Follow Anawan Street Productions on your social media accounts for updates on what we’re working on.”


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