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Cabe Verdean American Film Festival and Partner Up


At what we do is we bring a flux of independent films to our target audience. We bring our audience independent films made by directors that tell stories that are not told in commercial and mainstream films. It’s one of the highlights that makes us different. And adhering with our motto we have partnered with the Cape Verdean American Film Festival (CVAFF) to continue to bring our audience such films. The winning films at the CVAFF will now be granted distribution on


CVAFF was started in 2014 and its first festival screening was in Washington, DC. The founder and director of the festival is Rashad Roulhac. Rashad attended film school in Orlando, FL, and then he moved to California where he worked in television production, filmmaking and music videos. He also worked at the Slamdunk Film Fest at Sundance Film Festival, Park City, Utah, which is where he gained the experience to create the CVAFF. In our interview with Rashad we asked him specific questions about the CVAFF, what it entails and about the partnership with


Rashad, why did you start the CVAFF? What inspired it?

I started the festival because I wanted to spread positive Cape Verdean American and Cabo Verdiano culture to the world. Cape Verdean Americans have contributed much to the American Culture in many ways from music, sports and education. So, since I come from a film background, the festival was a great platform to showcase positive Cape Verdean American and Cabo Verdiano films, filmmakers and culture.


What films are screened at the CVAFF?

Primarily we screen Cape Verdean films. Films Directed by Cape Verdeans. Films written and produced by Cape Verdeans. But we do also screen films from American and other international filmmakers.


Where does the CVAFF take place?

CVAFF has been traveling from city to city, primarily where there are decent size Cape Verdean communities. We’ve been in Washington, DC to Providence, RI.

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Can you highlight some of the films that have been screened at the CVAFF?

We’ve had so many films submitted to us. Some of the more recognizable ones include Downward Hiro, starting Kelly Perine. Last Day Of Freedom, an Academy Award Nominated Short Film directed by Nomi Talisman and Dee Hibbert-Jones. The feature length film, Atlantic Heart, shot entirely in Cape Verde and directed by BAFTA Nominee, Robbie McCallum.


What does the partnership of the CVAFF and mean for both entities and for independent filmmakers as well?

The partnership means so much for the CVAFF and because together we are giving leverage to independent filmmakers. Their films are screened at our festival and for the winners they can be distributed to audiences world wide via



Below is a button link to preview and/or view the films on If you’d be so kind to view the films, we’d love to hear your take on them. You can simply send us your comments via our CONTACT page.


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  1. I was in attendance for this spectacular compilation of black film artists in Providence RI. I found myself not wanting to leave when it was over. The people, the film, the perspectives of life left me feeling like a piece of my own life was missing so I dug deeper into the black film industry and was led to Marilyn Films. The short films are compelling and true to our reality of black lives.

    1. Rashad Roulhac

      I’m glad the festival and the films at have opened a new world for you to experience and we look forward to seeing you at future events Wanda 🙂

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