Christopher Elston's Horror Film, Hunt

Christopher Elston’s Horror Film, Hunt


“Horror films can be described as films that evoke physiological reactions from viewers. Reactions such as elevated heartbeat, screaming, disgust and are usually done via the use of fear and shocking the audience. Hunt is a short film that does precisely that! It is the latest film from film director Christopher Elston. He says, “If you are a fan of 80’s horror and you like a little fun in your horror, then Hunt is your cup of tea. This is the most complete story that you will ever see in 13 minutes.””


The Beginning

“Since I was a child, I’ve always loved film and I remember watching ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and being blown away. I watched the movie a million times and acted out the scenes. My interest in film started there and the horror genre played a big role,” states Christopher. He goes on to say, “I’d watch everything from the classics like Halloween to the obscure Italian horror stuff. I’d then see the ‘making of’ videos and I loved when they showed the special effects and makeup.”


With time and experience, Christopher states, “Finally made a trailer for a horror film called Transmitted. It was about a guy who mutates into a monster after being exposed to an STD. It was going to be my Eraserhead meets Tetsuo the Ironman. The cool thing about this experience was that it was my film school. I was learning how to work with a set, doing rewrites, communicating with actors, and all of that.”

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“Hunt was originally supposed to be a showcase for investors about an entirely different feature,” states Christopher. There are many stand out features of Hunt, but one of them is certainly the camera that was used to make the film. Christopher says, “Go-Pros are in no way a traditional cameras to use in filmmaking, but they work wonderfully for first person and hectic conditions based on their durability. So, we decided to use a Go-Pro camera.”


Upon watching Hunt the viewer can’t help but to wonder about the details and precision that went into making it, given that the entire movie is shot in POV, that is, the whole movie is seen from the eyes of the protagonist. Christopher elaborates, “The process of making Hunt was a little tricky, but so much fun at the same time. Unlike traditional films where you have a master shot followed by various cuts, this POV approach to filmmaking is very linear. It’s just a matter of connecting the dots from A to Z.”


Hunt is a short film, and it seems, especially with the ending, that it could be an introduction to something grandeur. We asked Christopher about this: “It’s interesting. I think the concept of POV films is a very cool and untapped genre. To me, it worked best as a short due to the audience having to follow one character through his own eyes. Filmmakers are still trying to figure out how to tell actual stories through this technique…I feel that is a good beginning to where we can take this subgenre in the future. If people really take to the premise and investors take interest, I’d definitely entertain the idea of making it a feature.”


View Hunt

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