CLare Vining: 15 Year Old Filmmaker. Clare Vining: Impressive And Ambitious 15 Year Old Filmmaker.



Clare Vining is a 15 year old filmmaker and she’s a devout Christian. In keeping with her faith she recently completed and released her short film, Seek First, now available on


Seek First is a short film based on the Bible verse Matthew 6:33 “Seek First the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”


In Seek First a teenage brother and sister give up their long awaited adventure camp to help a struggling couple who has just adopted two children. After many struggles, they find that God has indeed given them “all these things,” just as He promised.

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What inspired you to become a filmmaker, a director specifically?

I was blessed at the age of 12 to find a how to film called “How to Make a Movie,” by Director Jim Morlino. The film shows you a step by step very simple process for making your own film.


I realized that film is an extremely influential tool, and I really felt that God was asking me to bring other people closer to him by making films full of goodness, truth, and beauty. My parents had recently bought a camera and so I picked it up and just started experimenting with it. And that’s how it all started.


Seek First is your most recent film. It’s a short film based on faith. What inspired it?

We had just finished our first short film project, Cyber Attack, and I was looking for inspiration for our next film. I wanted to make something Christian based. I thought, what better place to look than in Holy Scriptures?


So I was reading the Bible, and I came across Matthew 6:33. In the verse it says, “Seek First the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” That really stuck out at me. I asked God, “Lord, if you want me to make a film from this verse, please just send me a sign so that I know this is what you want, and I will do it!”


The next day, TobyMac, one of my favorite Christian music artists was reading this verse from the Bible! On top of that, the next day my brother had a basketball game, and the verse was actually on the wall of the basketball court. So then I just started brainstorming ideas based on the verse. That’s how I came up with the storyline for the film.


How does your faith play into your filmmaking ambitions?

After starting to make movies, as I mentioned before, I realized how powerful a tool it is. And being a Christian, my first thought was, “If there is such a powerful tool, we really should be using it to bring people closer to our Lord.” I felt called to devote my life to making films for God’s glory that will hopefully bring people a taste of heaven and show them what it’s like to walk with Our Lord.


What was the overall experience of making Seek First?

I would say that first of all, the whole experience was a blessing. But it was also a really big learning experience, which for a young filmmaker, is the really a great thing! Being a young filmmaker is all about learning as much about your craft as you can. This film had all kinds of new challenges. Some of the challenges we were expecting and some of which we were not. But through it all, God led us on a path that contributed to our knowledge of filmmaking that was much more than anything that we could have planned.


Where do you see your filmmaking dreams going in the next 5 years?

I plan on learning as much about filmmaking as possible and to make many more films. In five years time I hope to be creating a feature-length film.



Clare is also the founder of Fluent Productions. Fluent productions is a video production company. They specialize in promotional videos for businesses and events. Check out their website,, for their sample videos and pricing.


Of Fluent Productions Clare states: “I am planning to get a business degree in order to assist me in running my video production business, Fluent Productions.”



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