Daryl Denner And Fists Of Love: From Stage Play To Screenplay. Film Director. Camera in foreground.



Daryl Denner is a director and is known for A Hero’s Return, Licentious and now his most recently completed film work, Fists Of Love. It’s a love, drama feature film that deals with the ever present topic of domestic violence and abuse.

In Fists Of Love an NYC domestic violence officer on edge as he deals with his tragic past falls in love with a woman married to an abusive husband. They become intimate and as their passionate affair continues it leads to a confrontation with her husband who wants his wife back and is willing to do whatever is necessary to do so.

Daryl made time to give us an exclusive interview and we not only talked about Fists Of Love but also about how he became a film director and what’s ahead for him as a film director.

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What led, inspired you to become a film director?

I’ve always loved movies. As a child there was no better feeling then sitting in a dark theater and watching “movie magic” just fill the screen. Also, I enjoyed watching classic cinema with my family whenever they showed them on television. As I got older I wanted to get involved with films through acting. But I wasn’t good enough so I decided to try my hand at directing and immediately I fell in love with it.


Your most recent film work is the award winning feature film that you directed, Fists Of Love. It deals with the subject of domestic violence. Can you tell us more about the film?

Fists Of Love

The movie is about a woman who is involved in an abusive marriage. While trying to escape her situation she ends up falling for a domestic violence cop who is trying to help her. This of course leads to other serious problems that quickly escalate and spiral out of control.


What exactly was it about the script for Fists Of Love that made you say, “I want to direct this film?”

I originally wrote the script as an off-off Broadway stage play years ago. It was called “Love Story,” which I acted in. As a play it was directed by someone whom I took acting classes with, Steven Williams. Though I had fun doing the stage play, I felt it would make a better film. But I couldn’t find anyone interested in directing the film. Therefore, I decided to learn filmmaking so that when the time came I would direct it. The time came and I directed it, Fists Of Love. Brian Pollock is the one who wrote it for the screen, that is, he wrote the film script for Fists Of Love.


As stated, Fists Of Love is feature film, it also has a lengthy cast and a professional crew (sound, camera, wardrobe, etc.). For a director, how challenging is the process of managing a set with so many people and departments involved?

It’s definitely a challenge because you’re dealing with so many different personalities. There’s so many artists and professionals involved and sometimes they have their own ideas on the way things should be done. But as the director it’s important to get your vision on the screen while also being open to different ideas. You have to be able to stay focus and maintain the integrity of what you originally had in mind, your vision.


Fists Of Love is now available on Amazon Prime, iTunes Store and Google Play. What is the most compelling reason why you think viewers should get the film?

I feel it’s a good story. It deals with an important topic in our society, domestic violence. It shows the dangers that can happen if a person decides to stay in a toxic situation for too long. There’s a dark realism to the film. I also feel the characters in the film are very interesting and relatable. It makes for a great love story.



What’s ahead on your filmmaking trajectory?

I recently finished filming my second feature film “Unspoken” which should be ready for film festivals early next year. I’m also currently working on the screenplay for my third feature film which will be a horror/love story. I plan on filming that project during the Summer of next year. I just want to continue telling stories through film.



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