Daryl Sledge is a Chicago native who moved to New York City in pursuit of his passion of producing film/television and theatre. In doing so, Daryl has produced for film and theatre.

Daryl produced the award winning, incredibly funny, Off Broadway One Woman Project “FRIED CHICKEN AND LATKES”, starring Rain Pryor. Daryl also produced the award winning feature documentary “THAT DAUGHTERS CRAZY”, as well as the HBO award winning film “2nd Life”.

Daryl’s most recent film project is un•bind and he sat down with us for an exclusive interview..

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Can you tell us a little about your most recent film, un•bind?

un•bind is a project that sat on me for quite some time. Its course changed many times during development. Its energy is to involve ourselves within the psyche of black males and what motivates us to respond in a certain manner. With un•bind, I wanted to deal with learned behavior(s) and how they manifest throughout our entire lives.

The film is mostly psychological with a touch of thrill. I produced it as a short film in order to complete it as a feature film. At this juncture, the feature length screenplay is being developed and written.

You wrote, directed, and produced un•bind. How was that experience?

I am primarily a creative Producer. I find projects and develop them to completion. But, I have created projects in my mind that I am most struck by, which obviously leads me to be more involved with writing and directing.

I would have to say that writing a screenplay in short form or feature form has proven to be the most challenging.

Is un•bind in film festivals?

At this point, un•bind has been submitted to fifteen film festivals, both nationally and internationally.

How can un•bind be seen?

At this point it will be screened only in film festivals.

As far as filmmaking projects, what can we expect from you in the year ahead?

I own the Option Rights to the novel WHY?, authored by D.A Rhodes. What is upcoming is further development and choosing a screenwriter.

I am also the Executive Producer of The Jordan Hendrickson Untitled Animation project, which has been given capital to complete the Pilot episode by 150 Warner Media. 150 Warner Media invests in and develops original content. 150 is a natural complement to the industry-leading work of WarnerMedia and its divisions HBO, Turner and Warner Bros.


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