Departures & Arrivals, Best International Short Film


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Best International Short Film

Departures & Arrivals, a short film directed by Zandir Santos, won the award Best International Short Film at the Cape Verdean American Film Festival. The film is a coming of age immigrating film seen through the eyes of a 14 year old boy, Jay. He is forced to leave his country, Cape Verde, full of beaches and sunshine when his parents immigrate to a landlocked country in Europe, Luxembourg, dimmed with clouds and endless rain.


The film was shot completely on location between the two countries highlighting renown scenic views of Cape Verde, e.g., Mont Carra (Face Mountain), Laginha beach and historic gothic and city views of Luxembourg City.


Longing For Home

Some of us have seen immigrating related films, but very few are told through the eyes of a 14 year old boy, a 14 year old boy that clearly does not want to leave his country. However, in spite of being reluctant to leave, upon arrival he attempts to liken his new place of residence. His parents show him around and it even seems as though he could assimilate to the new culture until his longing to return home gets the best of him.


As we parlay with Jay at home and journey with him through his city walks in Luxembourg City we empathize with his nostalgia. His longing to be in his country, to bask in its sunshine, to touch the warmth of its beach sand, to simply walk on its streets. His longing becomes so intense that he eventually plots his return home.


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