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Emeka Mbadiwe is an award winning film director and writer. He makes films that inspire, educate, encourage and motivate the viewer. Emeka has a broad and wide following on social media networks that has streamlined and allowed him to bring his films to people all over the world. With that said, we’re secure in saying that Emeka Mbadiwe is inspiring masses through films.

We had the opportunity to engage with Emeka and we talked about what led him to filmmaking, one of his more popular films, Found Dead, among other subjects.

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Emeka, how did you become a filmmaker?

I fell into the field of filmmaking back in 2008. I made a short film with a friend for fun, and the film was getting a lot of attention from friends. That lead a friend of mine who was in a film school to ask me to write a film for him for his school project. That was the beginning.


You also act in your films. How did that talent come to fruition?

I acted in my first short film by default because I came up with a cool idea and thought I could execute it pretty well. Since then, everything I shoot, I kinda just throw myself in there. I do enjoy acting and I’m able to write the characters that I’ve always wanted to play.


Your films tell stories that inspire, uplift, encourage and educate. What leads you to tell such stories via the film medium?

There are certain movies out there that give me a certain indescribable feeling inside. I like to create that feeling for others to experience as well when they watch my films.

Emeka Mbadiwe. Studio set. One man and two women.

From Youtube to Instagram you have a significant social media audience. How helpful has that been in getting your films out to the world?

It has been a great help. When I post content that people love, they’re likely to share it and it gives me a wider and broader reach.


Found Dead is one of your most recognizable works. It’s a short film about a young woman’s compromise in hopes of making some extra money that will lead her to a destination she never have expected. Where did the inspiration to make the film come from?

I thought of an idea of creating a film that would bring an audience on a journey for 99 percent of the film. Leading them, trying to figure out what was going to happen, then suddenly giving them something they were never expecting. That’s what lead me to make Found Dead.


What is your desirable outcome after you complete one of your films?

I hope that the film will reach as many people as possible and change their lives for the better.


What’s ahead for you as a filmmaker?

I am now preparing on creating my first feature film entitled ATAP. Once the money is raised, we’ll go into production.



Below is a button link to view Found Dead, available here on MarilynFilms.com. We encourage you to support independent filmmaking by viewing the film and we’d love to hear your take on it. You can simply comment below or send us your comments via our CONTACT page.

Check out Emeka’s IMDB page for all of his film credits. You can also keep up with Emeka by following him on Instagram.


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