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Man recording. Image of Zandir Santos film recording. Filmmaker Zandir Santos summarizes his journey into fillmmaking. He traces integral parts in his journey and broaches upon the conceptualization and launch of

From Business Degree To Film Internships

Zandir Santos was born in the Cape Verde Islands, an archipelago nation on the coast of West Africa. He attended middle school in the US and graduated from East Providence High School, East Providence, RI. He holds a Business Management degree from Rhode Island College, 2010. While in college Zandir began dabbling in film writing.


With a business degree one wonders what led him to the art world, filmmaking. He responds: “It’s about passion and wanting to do what you love. I fell in love with filmmaking and I wasn’t going to mascaraed my ambitions. Therefore, I headed to New York.”


In 2011 while living in New York Zandir began pursuing a film career. He volunteered, interned and worked as a production assistant on low budget independent short and feature films to learn filmmaking. “Those years were incredible and incredibly demanding. I learned so much about filmmaking. I had no formal training, so I got to see the mystery of filmmaking revealed firsthand. And once the mystery was revealed It added to my confidence that I too could make films, which is exactly what I wanted to do.”


Make Moves, Make Movies

In 2013 Zandir began his Independent Filmmaking career writing, directing and editing his own short films. “It’s the best way to gain the utmost depth of making a film, by making your own film. Recommendable, short films first. And once you make one, do it again and again. It’s fair to say you’ll only get better.”


In 2018 Zandir launched the independent online films distribution and showcase platform, “ is about empowering independent filmmakers. It provides them a viable distribution and showcase platform for their films, with monetization. Most independent filmmakers work extremely hard and diligent to turn their vision to what you ultimately see on your viewing device or on the big screen. The writing, the casting, equipment rental/buying, securing locations, hiring a crew, directing, editing…the list goes on. I think it’s totally fair that the viewer subscribe to a payment method to view the work the filmmaker has so passionately put together. In the case of, $1 for short films and $1.99 for feature films.”


Recent Release

Zandir’s most recent release, Before Honor, is available exclusively on and can be purchased now. Zandir says, “Before Honor ultimately shows the dangers of an individual, Tee, living a life above moral and judicial law and its consequences.The film was shot all on locations, primarily Miami and Pawtucket, RI. I’m very proud of the work we did and during pre-screening the feedback was positive. I hope viewers will support it and order it here on”


Previous Releases

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