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FROM INDIE HORRORS TO INDIE DRAMAS, NEW RELEASES ON MARILYNFILMS.COM is an online digital distribution platform that is built to give independent filmmakers leverage with their films, short and feature films. An independent filmmakers film is no longer “dead” after it has ran the film festival circuit and it no longer has to be made available freely on popular video sharing websites to be seen.



Independent filmmakers can now redirect their audience to to support their films by purchasing them. We believe this is a great initiative as it will encourage and/or enable independent filmmakers to continue to make independent films.



Independent films are much needed in filmmaking as they tell stories that otherwise may not be told. Stories that may have been forgotten. Stories that may not ever get picked up by studio production companies. Stories conceptualized and made into films with little to no budget. Stories from short films to feature films. We pride our selves in distributing and showcasing these films.


Major studios are the gatekeepers of filmmaking with their limited topics and trite films, but independent filmmakers are constantly breaking barriers and gaining new audiences with innovative films. We’re here to help galvanize their audience reach by introducing these upcoming releases available May 17th, here on and can be pre-ordered now:

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ASSIMILATE (Director: Zandir Santos)

An immigrant in Portugal migrates to France in pursuit of financial stability. However, unexpected difficulties await him there as well. All the while he’s looking to fulfill his promise to his wife back in his homeland, to bring them together again.


REUNION 108 (Director: James Suttles – Co Director: Billy Sample)

In this satirical comedy, two generations of professional baseball players return for a reunion game at one of their minor league stops en route to the big leagues. A full-length comedy feature film that is a no holds bar behind the scenes, in your face look into the world of professional baseball.


FOUND DEAD (Director: Emeka Mbadiwe)

A young woman’s compromise in hopes of making some extra money will lead her to a destination she could never have expected.


EASTER SUNDAY (Director: R.H. Bless)

Set in Brooklyn, NY, based on a true life event, a high school student and aspiring artist along with friends set off on a traditional Easter hang out in Coney Island. The outing takes an unexpected and life changing turn when these friends find themselves caught up in the midst of a subway shooting.


LIBERTY’S HOLLOW (Director: Shannon Washington)

You have the right to remain silent, or do you? In a fragmented political climate a couple find themselves imprisoned for alleged plotting of terrorist acts on American soil. The evidence against them, their First Amendment right?


HUNT (Director: Christopher Elston)

During a solar eclipse a man is chased into an unforgiving forest. Behind him, a crazed family of hunters hot on his trail. Outgunned and out-manned, the pursued frantically fights to get free. The lethal stalkers will find out this hunt is the deadliest of them all when they become the hunted.


SEE ME (Director: Diane Cornell)

Burn survivors Kristen and Jack reunite after a year of healing for a date. Faced with the horrible realities of public scorning, their love for each other will be put through an egregious test.


BonVida Skool (Director: Anthony Flores)

Two teens decide to skip school and journey out in perilous streets of Brockton, MA. The experience learned is one that can’t be taught in class. Welcome to Bonvida Skool!


For A Dark Skin Girl (Director: Brigid Turner)

It’s the 1950’s in a small Southern town. Race is a divisive wedge and interracial relationships are vehemently forbidden. However, Jonathan, a white boy, and Olivia, a black girl, fall in love and are determined to stay together in spite of the forsaking consequences.



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