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A great number of filmmakers will say the most difficult aspect to getting their script off the ground and made into a film is funding. That is, money to make their film. They’ll tell you, “the script is ready, I’m just looking for investors.” Some will even tell you, “I have four scripts ready to go, I’m just waiting to get the money.”


There are ways to get funding for your script so you can turn it into a film instead of having it sit on your shelf or on your computer’s hard drive. We’ll explore two conventional ways of funding your film. Then we’ll share the ultimate guaranteed way of funding your film, every time.


CROWDFUNDING (Online Funding Websites)

These websites seem to be the go-to method for many filmmakers to fund their films. Though some of the success stories we know of have come from established filmmakers with a long marketing arm, some unknown filmmakers have had success with such websites. They have been able to raise the funds necessary to turn their scripts into films via crowdfunding websites. However, many filmmakers, even in their modest budget needs have been unable to raise the money for their films.


If this is a method that suits you, then certainly pursue it. Do be sure to read the agreements fully. For example, the websites keep a percentage of the funds you raise, some keep more than others, and also may charge certain fees.


And on certain websites the money you raise is a loan and you have to repay the lenders at some point…kind of like borrowing from a bank, but borrowing from individuals. It can be very detailed, do your homework.



Grants are another avenue filmmakers seek to fund their films. There are countless grants available, but the number of grant seekers far outweigh them. From government grants to private to non-profit grants and they all have their own qualifying requirements. And if you qualify for one of these grants, most have rigid rules as to how you use the funds they provide you for your film. Be sure to have all of your questions on hand and get them all answered before you go forward.



You were waiting for this. You may of even scrolled down the page to get to it. Are you ready, here it is: Whatever your budget, or no budget, write for it! It’s the only way to guarantee funding for your film.


Many filmmakers shoot themselves in the foot by the films they write. They write films that are only possible to get made if they are bankrolled by a high roller or an institution.
And guess what, if they never get bankrolled, then the film stays on paper never to be accounted by the history of film.


There are already many uncertainties in filmmaking, don’t make money one of them by the script that you write.



Money is a means to an end, but it’s not the end. The end is your movie in its final stage. The end is you seeing your vision played out before you on a screen. The end is you building up your confidence from making one film and moving onto making another.


It’s your movie. You write the end, not money!



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