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Making a film doesn’t have to be hard if you’re not doing it for accolades, fame, money, etc. The pressure in making a film is, will other people like it? Because if they do like it then the accolades, money, fame, etc., will follow.


If you take away those “aspirations” you will then see how easy it is to make your film. You will actually make your film for the simple pleasure of seeing your vision a reality. You won’t be concerned about will other people like it. How about, will you like it? That should be more important than if other people like it.

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Some of the most recognizable film directors have often stressed that they make films that they like, for their enjoyment, and it so happens that a lot of other people also liked them (the films). Though not to say that you never have the audience in mind.


Don’t put pressure on yourself to make a film that everyone will like and you’ll see how simple it is to make a film. You will then actually enjoy the film, more. You’ll actually enjoy the process more than the film itself. And the more you do this the more you’ll recognize your filmic style and you’ll also keep getting better as a film director.



That’s not to say that all there is to making a film is making a film that you like. No. However, making a film that you like far outweighs the other variables in filmmaking.


It’s crucial that you make a film that you like because what you like is your vision and your vision is the anchor of your film. If you don’t have a vision, that is, if you don’t make a film that you like, everyone and anyone can come along and say, do it this way or do it that way, and you will. You’ll have no anchor to your film. It’ll have no vision, no style, no attachment to you.


Want to make a great film? It starts with making a film that you like. It may take a few films for everyone to like your films as well, but that’s okay. The early films are practice. Practice enough and people will only like films that you like. That is, they will like your films. Does that make sense? We hope so. Now go ahead and practice…you’ll only get better.



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