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Orvalle Williams is truly a star in the making hailing from Detroit and now residing in Atlanta. In his young acting career he has made numerous cable and television network appearances. He’s co stared in FX Network’s Atlanta and TNT’s Tell Me Your Secrets. He’s also guest stared on Investigation Discovery’s Homicide Hunter, Murder Calls, The Perfect Murder, among others. For TV One he’s guest starred on Fatal Attraction, ATL Homicide, For My Man and Justice By Any Means. In addition he co starred in Netflix’s Drug Lords as Vernon “Shorty” Lucas.


We had an opportunity to interview Orvalle and talk about his ambitions, his advice for upcoming actors, what’s ahead, among others.

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First, how did you become an actor?

The first thing I did was take acting classes. I got my start doing theater and stage plays back home in Detroit. From there I started creating my own content and producing short films starring myself, to get me out there.


How do you continue to grow and hone your acting skills?

It’s important to keep your pencil sharpened as a artist so I still take acting classes. My secret though is I study human behavior. I’m a people watcher, and I like to go out and just watch people and study how us humans engage with one another. Art imitates life but more importantly, real life! I also live my life without fear so I’m constantly having new experiences which give me more life to pull from when I take on a character.


What roles attract you most and why?

Lately I have been playing the bad guy roles. In real life I’m so the opposite, a real nice guy. But I love playing the opposite of who I really am. I feel that’s real acting. I feel that I have been getting casted for those roles because my wholesome look misleads the audience. That makes the bad guy more interesting and entertaining because they don’t see it coming.

Orvalle Williams. Drug Lords on Netflix.

What director(s) would you like to work with at some point in your career and why?

Gina Prince-Bythewood is at the top of my list. I love the stories she directs. She’s also a writer. Her pen game is fire! Spike Lee is g.o.a.t to me. His influence on the culture is unmatched. I have to work with him. Quentin Tarantino, I love his body of work. I love the risks he takes and how he is unapologetic with his art.


What actor(s) would you like to work with at some point in your career and why?

There’s so many to name but I will give you three actors who influence me the most. Denzel Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio and Larenz Tate. Denzel is the g.o.a.t to me. I feel everything he touches becomes better and all of his performances are perfect to me. Leo is just amazing. I love the career he has had and the roles he chooses to play. Larenz Tate is one of the most underrated actors to me. He has so much range and gives so much layers and depth to his characters. I also love his body of work. He has worked with all the beautiful black women I love in Hollywood.


You’ve been grinding it out so hard, making appearances in cable and television network series’ and Netflix. What has been the secret to the recognition you’re gaining?

My secret is really my tenacity. I have no fear with taking risks with my career and how I approach my career. Also I’m not afraid to be my unapologetic self. This industry is built on relationships and who you know. Because of that I feel a lot of actors play it safe, or are scared to burn a bridge, so they will compromise there true essence and self to get ahead. If I can’t get it by being unapologetically Orvalle Williams then I don’t want it. From my experiences I have found when you reveal yourself…what’s right for you will just come to you.


What advice can you give to young and upcoming actors like yourself when it comes to booking acting roles?

Put your faith in God, not men. You need to be mentally tough and secure with yourself in order to persevere through all the rejections and no’s you will hear. Keep grinding, keep the faith, and believe what is for you will be for you. Period!


What’s ahead for you as an actor?

I see myself booking a series regular role on a network television show in the near future. I’m going to have long term success in my career. When my breakthrough role comes it will also come with longevity.




Watch Orvalle in Murder Calls as Richard Banks (Season 3, Ep. 1: Tears For My Mother). A man calls 911 claiming he found his ex-girlfriend dead, and his behavior on the call makes police wonder if he was involved. Investigators tirelessly gather evidence to convict a killer whose unchecked rage left a young son motherless.


Watch Orvalle in Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda as Kelvin Washington (Season 7, Ep. 2: Written In Blood). A community is shocked when Antoine McKenzie is brazenly shot outside an auto parts store in broad daylight. But when no witnesses can identify the killer, the only lead left for Lt. Joe Kenda is a final message written in the victim’s own blood.


Watch Orvalle in I Am Homicide as AJ (Season 2, Ep. 5: Hit And Run). Charlotte, NC Homicide Detective Garry McFadden gets a reminder that appearances can be deceiving, when a hit-and-run auto accident he’s called on to investigate turns out to be a twisted case of murder.



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