Black Monkey

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In Black Monkey a white man enters an African village and loots resources in the guise of Christianity. An African high priest, Black Monkey, challenges him into a spiritual battle to see whose God is real.

Director: Frank Gharbin

Cast: Van Vicker, Joe Shortingo,Bishop Nyarko, Big Akwess, Emmanuel France

2hrs 9 mins    Drama, historical 



2 reviews for Black Monkey

  1. Zandir Santos (verified owner)

    I love the way the history of the European’s colonization of Africa is summarized in this film.

  2. Frank Gharbin

    The European African Colonization Story Couldn’t Have Been Told In A Much Better,Simple And Objective Way Than The Way THE BLACK MONKEY Movie Did. I Wish Everyone Will Watch This Root African Movie. Frank Gharbin, Film Maker, Ghana, West Africa.

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