Cape Verdean American visionary Rashad Roulhac can now place “Artist” under his ever growing list of creative titles. Rashad is an award winning director and producer of The Cape Verdean American Film Festival and online talk show Coffee With Kriolas. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed Fables & Fairy Tales of Cape Verde.

Rashad has spent the last five years researching and building his latest work of which he says, “It is something every Cape Verdean must behold.” Rashad continues, “It’s been a wonderful journey researching and digging into my Cape Verdean roots over the last several years. I feel like Indiana Jones with all the research and private archives I’ve been able to access around the country to get a concrete base for which the art piece can respectfully sit upon.”

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Speaking of the art piece and its eventual exhibition Rashad states, “The art piece itself is mind blowing and emotionally impactful. It will be displayed with other art pieces at the an exhibition which is forthcoming.”

Rashad firmly believes in sharing “the wealth,” thus he already has reached out to several other artists who have produced different works on the same subject. Some of these works include books and apparel. They will all be part of the exhibition once museums begin to reopen.

Rashad concludes, “This is art made to represent and pay respect to the Cape Verdean families that immigrated from Cape Verde to America, specifically New Bedford, MA, during the 1800s. I’m looking forward to working with many and to have this exhibition travel and be shown in various cities of America.”


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