Woman and Man Dancing. Sarah Vianna. Kizomba.

Sarah Vianna’s Kizomba Hit, More Time

Though the origins of kizomba are highly credited to Angola, the music genre has spread worldwide and Cape Verdeans continue to influence and elevate the genre. Sarah Vianna is a singer who hails from Praia, Cape Verde, and her latest single, “More Time,” is a kizomba hit.

Sarah’s “More Time” features rapper Brutu and was produced and mixed by Ismael De Brito for Izzy Productions. Sarah sat down with us for an interview.

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What sparked your interest in singing?

As a little girl I grew up singing in church and I was also involved in the music program at Jeremiah Burke High School in Dorchester. Growing up in Dorchester, where there’s a big Cape Verdean community, I was influenced by the culture, community and family. I am also inspired by Mayra Andrade and Djodje.”

Can you tell us about your latest single, More Time? What inspired the song, the writing process, etc.

I always wanted to write a song that is sexy and risky. I think ‘More Time’ was inspired by what all ladies feel and think at times but are too afraid to say. I wanted to write something that women could relate to. I was nervous about singing it but once I did, it felt good.

The song features rapper Brutu. Can you tell us about that collaboration, how it came about?

Brutu got in touch with me because he wanted me to be on one of his songs. We started talking about the project and when I heard him rapping I thought he was super dope. Therefore I told him, do something on my track and I’ll do something on yours as well. That’s how that happened.

The video for More Time looks like it was a lot of fun to shoot. How was that process?

Shooting ‘More Time’ was easy because I love being in the moment and performing.

Is a full album in the process?

There is definitely an album in the process. It’s being worked on right now.


Sarah’s hit single, More Time, can be streamed on Spotify, Youtube, iTunes, Apple Music and all other platforms. You can follow Sarah on her Instagram and you can subscribe to her YouTube channel.


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