Soleidy Mendez: Nationally Recognized Award Winning Actress



Soleidy Mendez is an award winning actress who hails from the Dominican Republic and is now based in New York City. Of her most recent accolades she was the winner of the USA 2018 Nespresso Talents that featured her work at Tribeca and Cannes Film Festivals.


She’s a graduate of the historical acting school, American Academy Of Dramatic Arts, and she also studied at New York’s film and acting school, New York Film Academy.


A rising talent passionate and dedicated with strong acting skills she’s participated in various film and television projects. As of recently she made a guest appearance in Law & Order: SVU.

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How did you discover you wanted to be an actress?

I discovered that I wanted to be an actress watching Mexican soap operas. I would sit in front of the TV and as soon as the soap opera was over I would run to my grandma’s room, put on her jewelry and make up and re-enact what I just saw to my imaginary audience.


What do you find most challenging about being an actress?

There are many challenges that comes with being an actress, especially if you see acting as a responsibility, which I do. When I’m acting I feel responsible to tell the story from my character’s perspective. I feel responsible to honor my character’s experiences, the reason for their behaviors, the things they say and so on.


I also feel responsible for helping bring the director’s vision to life. I feel responsible for doing the best that I can in order to make everyone else’s job easier.


Are there any particular roles you’d rather play over others?

I’d rather play roles that are fighting for a cause. Roles that have something to teach or that can help others. I love making a connection with the audience, to help them in some kind of way.


As actors, most of the time we are representing real people with very similar problems to those of the viewer. I love having the opportunity to represent those characters with depth and truth. To be able to honor their stories, their journeys.

What movie inspires you most as an actress and why?

There has been many movies that have inspired me as an actress but I can’t seem to come to terms with just one. Alejandro Iñárritu’s “Biutiful” comes to mind. I remember connecting with the character so much that I had to run to the bathroom to cry after the movie was over. When I got out of the bathroom stall I found three other girls crying as well, for the same reason.



At that moment I knew that was the kind of response I wanted from my audience, and not just to make them cry, but to connect with them as well.



In season 20, episode 7, the cops wrestle with an unthinkable crime when a family is murdered in their sleep.


Soleidy is managed by Maryann Raposo of Dream Maker Talent Management. You can also find out more about Solediy by visiting her website.


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