(Last updated: December 2021)

BY SUBMITTING YOUR FILM YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING SUBMISSION TERMS, we are Independent Filmmaking’s Showcase And Distribution Platform. We accept submission for completed short films, feature films, documentary films and web series. We consider distribution for all genres of filmmaking but we do not solicit, consider, entertain or distribute xxx rated or any nude content, e.g, porn, etc. 

By submitting your film To you agree to the statements/regulations outlined on this webpage, you agree to abide by them and you attest that you have read and agree with our TERMS OF USE and PRIVACY POLICY regulations.

When filmmakers submit their films, if their film(s) are accepted for distribution, they agree to the following promotional usages of their content and/or likeness for the sole purpose of promoting their content and our platform: 1) We will make available a 30-50 second preview and/or trailer of your film via our Youtube channel, 2)If you agree to an interview for our platform,, we will promote it on all social media networks of our choice, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, among others, and 3) You consent to us using your likeness and/or content via our email marketing campaigns and all social media of our choice.

In the using of your likeness and/or content to promote you an/or your work, we will never intentionally do so in any fashion that can be construed as distasteful, offensive or controversial. However, we will not be held accountable or subjective to such interpretations.

Again, content owners and content submitters agree to thoroughly abide by our Submission Terms, Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use.


If you choose to submit your film for distribution consideration at you must submit and email to us at: Your email must contain the following:
   1) A link where we can view the film (if password is required, please provide it).
   2) A digital poster of the film (format .jpeg or .png).
   3) A three to four sentence logline/synopsis of the film.
   4) A cast list, director and producer(s) names.
   5) Your email contact and your relation to the project.
   6) Are you the one who can authorize distribution of the project? If not, who?
   7) Trailer (if you have one). 


Our motto at when handling a filmmakers film is exposability and profitability. Our distribution agreement with filmmakers is one where we provide our platform,, to make their films available to viewers at a set price; $2 for short films, $3 for feature films and web series $1 for each episode (sole episodes can not be purchased, season(s) only). The filmmakers receive 80% of the profit of each film purchased. The platform retains 20% of the profit of each film purchased.

The filmmakers retain 100% ownership of their films and they can ask for their films to be removed from the platform at any time. 

When a filmmaker submits any content to for viewing, distribution and/or showcasing he/she agrees that they have been granted all the proper and lawful requirements, permissions, to publish , copy, reproduce, distribute, display, perform, modify, create derivative works, transmit or in any other way the content. By content is meant, but not limited to, copyrights permission for text,  graphics, images, video clips, audio clips, trademarks, etc. The filmmaker agrees to abide fully to these and all other respective disclosures on our website and that cannot be held responsible for any infringement on their part of keeping with these and all other disclosures on our website.



By submitting your film you agree that is absolutely under no obligation to distribute it. It’s under our complete discretion to decide if we’ll distribute your film or not. If we choose to distribute your film or not you will be notified by email within seven to ten business days. If we choose not to distribute your film your submission process (forms, links, etc.) will be removed and deleted from our files and database.

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