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Jorge Lopes stars in the recently released feature length film, Convicted, and gives an incredibly mesmerizing performance. An incredible actor in his own right and diverse in his capabilities he has been called The Dependable Actor.


His interest for acting began in high school, though he says, “In a way I have always been into acting, even before I knew it.” Though Jorge states the defining moment when he knew he was going to be an actor was at about 15: “In high school one of my teachers had me audition for a role in Listen Up, a WGBH project about teens dealing with the street life. I was cast in the project and after I saw the final project I was bit. That is, I caught the acting bug.”


Though passionate about acting, once Jorge went off to college he pursued a degree in journalism. In the meantime Jorge also discovered a compelling future in the teachings of motivational speaker Tony Robbins. Jorge began to study Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and later began coaching individual clients on how to define their purpose in life.


One may very well have concluded that Jorge had forsaken his dream, acting. However, Jorge returned to acting with passion and vigor after one of his clients reminded him of his dream of acting.

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And indeed Jorge has returned to his acting dream and one of his recent acting lead roles is in the incredibly suspenseful feature length film, Convicted. In the film he plays AllyBoy, whom one may perceive as individual in an unstable state of mind, ego driven drug lord. Jorge earnestly says of playing Ally Boy: “I had second thoughts about playing the character. I spoke to one of my mentors and he suggested I bring dignity to the character in telling the story…of telling AllyBoy’s story from his point of view so the audience understands what drove him to where the audience meets him in Convicted.”


Indeed Jorge gives a mesmerizing performance as AllyBoy in Convicted. We had a chance to talk about his performance, the film and what’s ahead for him.



Convicted (film poster). Hands handcuffed. Handcuffs.

What was the process to be casted to play AllyBoy in Convicted?

I guess it’s like the saying goes, “When you declare your intentions to the world, the universe will conspire to make it happen. “ Before making Convicted, the producer, Ruya Koman, was looking for an actress for a play she was producing. She reached out to me to help by recommending a strong actress for the play, which I did. So when she was working on Convicted she reached out again and asked if I could recommend a few actors for the project. She then asked me to audition as well. The rest is history.


Your performance is mesmerizing. What was the preparation that you were able to embody AllyBoy so well?

Thank you. I prepared the character for about 7 to 8 months. I built the character with the guidance of my acting coach Susan Batson. I spent most of the time diving deep into the psyche of AllyBoy, figuring out what his needs are and what was his driving force. I also had to look at my dark side and embrace it, then find a common place where AllyBoy and I meet.


What advice can you give to aspiring actors?

Train, train and train, then network as much as you can.


As far as filmmaking, what do you have planned ahead.

I just auditioned for a period peace that is filming in Georgia. I can’t say much more about that right now. I am also helping to produce and I star in a web series titled Debatable. In it I play a politician. It’s about all of the isms that are currently happening in society. We’re holding a mirror to society. I believe that is what true art does.



You can view Jorge Lopes’ filmography on IMDB.

You can also check out Jorge Lopes’ mesmerizing performance as AllyBoy in Convicted, now on Amazon Prime.

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