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These 7 Must Knows For Actors When On Set are to be mastered by the beginning actor or the seasoned actor. They are tried and true methods that will enhance your professionalism when appropriated correctly. Without further ado, let’s get into what they are.

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1) Be On Time

If you don’t show up on time you’re holding up a film production that has taken months of planning and that you worked hard to get a role in. The consequences for you can be severe. It’s not necessary severe that you will be let go of the production, but that you can garnish a reputation for being late and other filmmakers will opt not to work with you. So, be on time! Better yet, be early!


2) Know Your Lines

Know your lines and know them really well. Know them so well that you can deliver them with 20 or more people standing around. Know them so well that even if you have to deliver them multiple times in a row you won’t be baffled. Know them so well that you can start them in the beginning, middle or in the end.


Do you know them that well? Then you’ll be fine because it’s what will be required of you.

3) Know Your Marks And Hit Them

Marks are a technical aspect of filmmaking that you must become good at. Marks are placements on the floor where you must stand during various points throughout a scene. Marks are of extreme importance because if you don’t hit them you will be out of focus and thus the whole scene may have to be shot again.


4) Anxiety Control

You will very likely get anxy once you get on set and you see the crew, equipment, actors, etc. However, you must keep your nerves in balance. You must be professional and do your part in spite of any anxious feelings. You will have to learn to master any anxiety that may sprout when you’re on set.


5) Know The Shot(s)

Close up shot, medium shot, over the shoulder shot, etc. Do you know what they are? You must become familiar with them because your acting for a scene is influenced by the type of shot being filmed. Check out 7 Basic Camera Shots and When To Use Them.


6) Follow The Director’s Instructions

It’s very simple, the film is the director’s vision. The director dictates the vision. Your job as an actor is to interpret the vision, not to create it.


7) Absolutely Never Stop Acting Until The Director Says Cut

Even when you finished your lines, keep acting until the director says cut. Even if there’s a small mishap, keep acting until the director says cut. This is true for technical reasons, i.e., editing and also for the vision that the director has in mind.



We couldn’t leave this one out. It comes from Hollywood legend ant two time academy award winner, Michael Caine: “The camera catches everything you do, so don’t be afraid to play things subtly”.


To summarize it, don’t over act! And if at all possible, don’t act, become! The best actors act without the viewer recognizing they’re acting. They become their character, period!


Michael Caine shares wisdom and stories from his 100 plus films career in his memoir, Blowing The Bloody Doors.




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  1. Was a second on Old Story episode for Netflix serious Messiah. Played a Russian Orthodox Priest. Was in the Nashville heats in September and and fellow dropped like a rock from the heat grabbed the Conner in a death grip and slowly said “Water. NOW!” 4-5 hours in the heat wearing floor to toe black polyester 4,layer out fit and decided & I was not gonna become a sheeple. Was working for OLC and do not recommend them for casting any longer. I walk upright and do not require being lead around like cattle. Don’t care if I never work again for them. Have 2 turned down 2 roles in the last month and a have and 1 paid $150 an hour for 4 hours.

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