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Film Festival To…?

It’s what you wanted. Your film was selected to a film festival or various film festivals. It had a great festival run, it even won awards. Therefore, now you’re an award winning filmmaker. That’s great and is a notable recognition as we discussed in YOU MADE YOUR FILM, NOW WHAT?


Many filmmakers submit their films to festivals with the ultimate goal of securing distribution. In the ideal world their film would get picked up by a notable distribution company, they would get a big check, and their film would have a theatrical release followed by a DVD or a famed streaming provider release. However, for most filmmakers, the ideal world isn’t a reliable avenue. So now you’re wondering, where does my film go from here? Great question, let’s talk about it.


Alternative 1

After a film has run the film festival circuit, most filmmakers will render their film for the world to watch, free of charge! They will upload their 6 months to two year commitment on a video platform, e.g., Broadcast Yourself, and then invite their friends and family to watch it and share it.


In exchange for their content, the platform, e.g., Broadcast Yourself, tracks their hundreds to a few thousand views and rewards them with zero to potentially a few dollars in compensation. However, the platform itself will generate an insurmountable amount of revenue. That is, the total ad money they receive for advertising on thousands and thousands of content submitted by filmmakers.


With that said, we’re aware that some films on such platforms have gone viral and generated a decent amount of money for some filmmakers. But we have found that to be by far an exception and not the norm.


Alternative 2

If it’s not clear enough, at we discourage ALTERNATIVE 1. Our consensus is, if filmmakers have worked diligently to put together a great film then if there’s compensation to be received for it they should receive the bulk of it, by far!


And we’re not pouring the coal on behalf of, we’re directly stating that there are alternatives to distributing your film. You don’t have to give it away for viewership flattery after its had a festival run, or didn’t. Value your film and put a price on it. Or else someone else will and it may not benefit you, at all.


Now, your film could go viral on Broadcast Yourself. But what if it went viral on a platform that fits the model of Alternative 2? A platform where you receive the bulk of the financial benefit, by far!


Think of the possibilities. Your film! Your content! Then why shouldn’t you receive the bulk of the proceeds? We can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t.


You Must Promote Your Film

You must promote your film because no one knows your film like you. No one is more passionate about your film than you. Promote your film and on which platform it can be purchased. And promote your film in a way that encourages others who come across your promotion to share it as well. It’s been said, content is king and promotion is queen. We’ll take it a step further and say, content is king and promotion is too. You must promote! “Without promotion, something terrible happens-nothing!”


View Some Films

Below is a button link to preview and/or view films that have utilized Alternative 2 fully or to some extent. If you’d be so kind to view the films, we’d love to hear your take on them. You can simply send us your comments via our CONTACT page. Also, subscribe to our newsletter below. We’ll keep you updated with everything and you’ll receive promo codes directly to your inbox. Cheers ??.

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