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Zandir Santos is a filmmaker and founder of distributes independent films, publishes interviews with independent filmmakers and they also have a blog. The blog deals primarily with the technical aspects of filmmaking.


In this interview with Zandir we talk about the conceptualization of, how he became a filmmaker and his most recent film work, Assimilate.

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What was the inspiration behind

The inspiration behind was to create a films distribution platform where independent filmmakers could showcase their films to a target. We also found it of extreme importance to have an Interview page where we interview different filmmakers. Also, the blog posts are of extreme value because we share of our filmmaking expertise and experience with other filmmakers.


When and how did you get into filmmaking? Did you study film or was this a hobby that you began and developed your skills overtime?

I did not attend film school. I attended business school. I have a business management degree. I fell in love with filmmaking as a junior in college.


A year after graduating college I moved to New York City and began to learn filmmaking by volunteering and interning on low budget feature films and short films. Coupled with that I studied films and eventually I felt confident to make my first short film and I did, In Dispute. Then I went on to make several more and they’re all available here on


Your most recent short film is Assimilate. Can you tell us about it?

The story is about an immigrant man in Portugal who migrates to France in pursuit of financial stability. However, unexpected difficulties await him there as well as he’s looking to fulfill his promise to his wife back home, to bring them together again.


Assimilate was shot on locations in Portugal, Spain, Cape Verde, and predominately, France.


Is film distribution a competitive field?

We’re very firm in our goals as a distribution platform. And none of our goals are to compete, but to do what’s right for the filmmaker and their film(s).


There’s so much great content being made and we’re glad to be an avenue to bring that content to viewers.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of being in an independent filmmaker?

The advantages is that you get to do what you like. The disadvantage is that sometimes you don’t have the funds to do what you like. However, you do it anyway, and give it your best. The intent is that your best keeps getting better.


How important is it for independent filmmakers to support and promote one another?

Independent filmmakers supporting one another is of extreme importance. For one, If we don’t believe in each other, it’ll be very likely that others will not believe in us as well.


It’s important that we support each other in various ways. By sharing of the knowledge that we have with each other, by participating in each others projects, by purchasing each others work, etc.



Below is a button link to view Assimilate, available here on We encourage you to support independent filmmaking by viewing the film and we’d love to hear your take on it. You can simply comment below or send us your comments via our CONTACT page.

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