Zuleica Gomes stars in the short film, Assimilate, as the female lead. Assimilate is a film directed by Zandir Santos and is ultimately the journey of an immigrant in pursuit of a more desirous life in Europe.

Assimilate was filmed primarily in France and Cape Verde. The filming in Cape Verde is primarily consumed with the participation of Zuleica.

When she speaks of the film she says, “In general the film has been received with very well by the public. After all, Assimilate is based on a topic that is prevalent, common and present, not just among Cape Verdean immigrants, but amongst all immigrants in the world.”

Assimilate was released on Facebook and we’ve posted it below for your enjoyment.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Zuleica for an interview.

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This was your first film project, correct? And how did you feel throughout and at the end of production?

Yes, this was my first film project. Given that the director, Zandir Santos, is someone that I know, I felt very calm and tranquil throughout the production process.

Upon the completion of filming I was certainly very excited about seeing the end result.

What was your primary motivation to participate in this film project, Assimilate?

My primary motive for participating in Assimilate was simple: The director of Assimilate, Zandir Santos, easily convinced me to accept the role when he told me that I fit the character’s profile very well.

And also, I warmly embrace new challenges.

Has anything changed in the way you view films as a result of you participating as an actress in Assimilate?

I must say, I now do pay attention to certain camera details due to my experience from acting in Assimilate.

Thin 2

What has been the general feedback you’ve received from people in regards to your participation in this film?

The feedback from people has been positive. It’s been so positive that sometimes I can question if they really enjoyed it or are they simply complementing my performance in way to be modest (she laughs). But the feedback has been positive, indeed.

What do you remember most about the production of Assimilate?

I certainly remember during shoot when Zandir didn’t find a take done well and he would ask to re-shoot it. I also remember how he would shower me with compliments when we would get the shot exactly as we want it.

We also laughed and had a lot of fun.

Wow, and the occasions when we had to shoot outside, o my goodness (laughing). Some people would just come to a complete halt and just look at me. It was comical.

What do you think about the possibility of a “part 2” of Assimilate?

I think a part 2 would be great. From the feedback I received, many people are curious about the evolution of the characters and curious as to where their trajectory leads them.


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